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Vadtech Solution Testaments

IBS Construction Solution

Malaysia’s construction industry faces serious labour issues and material price fluctuations affecting costs and quality control concerns.

Recognising these challenges, MGB was among the first in the industry to introduce an IBS factory to fabricate steel and aluminium formwork products 15 years ago. This was soon followed by a precast concrete facility established in 2018, further augmenting our IBS capabilities and setting the benchmark for IBS in Malaysia with high IBS scores achieved.

Affordable Housing Solution

MGB took the lead to coordinate with various authorities and regulatory bodies to mobilise this project and formulate our affordable housing solution.

With an end-to-end approach striving towards the highest cost efficiency and practicality to achieve the lowest cost of living for its residents, MGB undertook the planning, product design, manufacture, financing, construction, and after sale service, tapping into our IBS pre-cast technology to build 7,210 units of these affordable homes.

Investment Proposition Solution

As China experiences a period of manufacturing exodus, developing nations along the global shipping lanes stand to benefit from this shift.

Recognising this lucrative opportunity for our nation and having received many inquiries from Chinese companies looking for favourable locations and terms to transfer their production lines, MGB’s prompt research and feasibility studies led to the setup of a JV with the Terengganu state government to develop the Kertih Terengganu Industrial Park (“KTIP”).

Innovative Financing Solution

Infrastructure and building development projects are capital intensive activities that are crucial in supporting our nation’s growth towards becoming a developed nation. The magnitude of investment fund needed to achieve planned projects’ economic and social development goals requires the creation of a more robust capital chain through innovative financing solutions.

Upcoming Water Technology Solution

The growing water demand in urban population centres continues to challenge various states in Malaysia. Insufficient raw water supply, raw water pollution and the high water and wastewater treatment costs pose a problem for sustainable water management.

Future Tech Solution Tracks

With VaDTech, the future is limitless for MGB. We will continue to expand our horizons to embrace emerging opportunities amidst a dynamic market environment, venturing into promising technological areas such as Renewable Energy Solutions, Data Management Solutions, amongst others.

Digitalisation of Processes