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  MGB Berhad, through its subsidiaries, is a comprehensive and fully-integrated construction and development company providing a full range of design and construction and development services including design and build, project management, civil engineering, value engineering, geotechnical specialisation and manufacturing in Industrialised Building System (IBS) precast concrete products. MGB Group is an established construction player that accumulated strong track record for more than 10 years ranging from design and build to general construction for residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as infrastructure works. As at 31 March 2019, MGB has successfully completed more than 15,000 units of properties, particularly in affordable homes segment. In view of there is a rapidly growing demand for comprehensive and integrated planning and design services, MGB Construction and Engineering Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, sourced external talents and underwent an integration of its internal technical design resources in early 2010s to broaden its capabilities into ‘Design & Build’. To be an innovative total solution Design and Build expert, the Group also continuously enhances its capabilities in providing full range of services from the initial stage planning and design until the final stage operation and management. In year 2017, the Group expanded its construction value chain to include other synergistic activities such as foundation and geotechnical engineering services and manufacturing of precast concrete products business to further enhance service offering and elevate total solution capabilities to the next level.

Our vision is to be a recognised design and build expert setting new standards in creating living spaces to enrich life. To work with integrity, efficiency and accountability. And finally I always believe in this : To be the best at what we do, and to keep progressing.

TAN SRI DATO' SRI LIM HOCK SAN, JPGroup Managing Director


MGB progression through the years is empowered by a team of passionate and highly experienced talents in the field of construction and property development. Spearheaded by strong leadership, the people have been the drivers behind the company’s history.

Drawing strength from its years of experience, MGB is steadily moving towards redefining the way spaces are built for generations to come.



We believe that passion in the business causes us self-innovate. It spurs us to explore and to embrace new ideas of working, new software and new ways of communication to create greater timeliness and efficiency for our clients. Greater efficiency means a better bottom line.


We understand that every generation has different needs. Innovation can come through creative thinking that provides apt solutions that cater to the specific needs so that greater value is felt to the end consumer.


We believe in a working culture that puts people first-people innovation. Apart from caring for their well-being, we believe in promoting and nurturing talent by providing the right environment and guidance to create a culture of seeking progress.

When it comes to the MGB team, we strongly believe that passion and creativity are the keys to march beyond the horizon. We truly care for the individuals, and therefore nurturing their talents is the way to bring them to greater heights.

Datuk Lim Lit ChekExecutive Director & Chief Executive Officer



While we place great emphasis on innovation, there is great wisdom in knowing when to place faith in tried-and-tested innovations. Thus MGB fully adopts the values of LBS in it’s day-to-day operations – a formula that has been applied successfully and to great effect for both parties.



To be a recognised design and build expert setting new standards in creating living spaces to enrich life.


To constantly push boundaries and surpass expectations through Quality, Reliability and Innovation.