MGB Berhad (f.k.a ML Global Berhad) and its subsidiaries are always mindful of its CSR towards employees, the community, and stakeholders. A strong governance policy is necessary to ensure that CSR is fulfilled at our own premises, only then can we contribute positively to the community. To enforce health and safety precautions we provide the necessary protective equipment to ensure the wellbeing of all employees. We also enforce compliance requirements so that health and safety issues are not compromised.

Working closely with the environment enforcement agency, routine assessments are carried out to ensure that our manufacturing activities are always in line with environmental standards and legislation. To ensure waste disposals are kept to the minimum, we utilize environmentally friendly materials in our manufacturing process and encourage employees to recycle and reduce wastage on the consumption of raw materials.

At the marketplace, MGB Berhad and its subsidiaries maintain a high integrity of corporate governance practices as well as enhancing the shareholder value.